Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ok this is confession. Im so gemuk right now! Yess. So gemuk that my weight is 61 kg currently. Oh my. Rasa rendah diri okeh.
Dah berapa kali aku jumpa org and they thot that im pregnant. *dushdush* *palmintheface*
Im so embarassed. Please lah baizura.
Ok so start from now on, im gonna control my eating habit. Start exercise. Stop eating junk. less-sugar or None. But dont stop take carbs because it give energy. I will take less. (ahh mampukah?)
I need energy just because i have to exercise. And plus i have 4 kids okeh :)
Ok aku start jogging dari semalam.
Doakan i berjaya frens.
Doakan i muat jeans i.
Doakan i. IF NOT... i doakan uols semua gemuk mcm i. Haha.
Hopefully aku akan bjaya dlm battle ini.